Over at New Pages there has been a review of Arcadia, a new journal associated with the MFA program at the University of Central Oklahoma. In the issue is my short and very odd play, “I, Arbus.” The play centers on Simone Brookman, an aging New York actress. Throughout her monologue, she argues the ruination of her life goes back to an incident in which “Arbus took my picture…she saw something in me. I was a freak, an unnatural occurrence” (48).

Sima Rabinowitz, the New Pages reviewer, has some kind words for it: “Similarly, playwright Christopher Linforth’s description of one of his characters as an ‘off, off, off Broadway actress’ signals a kind of feeling for character that inspires engagement with his work.” If you want to read more of the play, buy a copy of Arcadia today! If you want to peruse the script for a production, let me at clinfor [at] vt [dot] edu

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