Linforth Directory

An experimental flash collection published by Otis Books/Seismicity Editions, 2020

“Christopher Linforth’s splendid Directory is composed of shrapnel selves, both aesthetic and existential, each shard sharp, concentrated, biting, brutal, devastating, and astonishing.” —Lance Olsen, author of My Red Heaven

“Christopher Linforth’s Directory offers prose that twins no others. Original crisp writing, taking its readers on an unforgettable journey, through portals of the unknown. A wonderful, surprising, powerful read.” —Kim Chinquee, author of Wetsuit and Shot Girls

“…refreshing at times, shocking, disorienting and puzzling at others, but throughout the entire book you follow a thread of tender humanity that begs you to identify with a perspective that squeezes, prods and stabs at the heart in a multiplicity of ways.” —Levi Noe, Bending Genres

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