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    I’m happy to report there’s a new review of my debut collection of short stories–When You Find Us We Will Be Gone–over at Atticus Review. The (ominous!) title of the review is “UNCOMFORTABLE AND UNHINGED PEOPLE” and here’s a snippet: “…the uneasiness Linforth is able to create in us as readers. What is great about this…

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  • Book Reviews

    It has a few months since I last posted. But in that time my debut collection of short stories–When You Find Us We Will Be Gone–has garnered a few more reviews. I’ve been very happy with the nice things reviewers have been saying so far. Over at Foreword Reviews, they note: “The sting of Christopher…

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  • Book Reviewed

    In this era of declining book review pages, getting your book reviewed can be pretty tough. So I feel lucky that my debut collection of short stories was recently reviewed in The Roanoke Times. The reviewer said some kind things about When You Find Us We Will Be Gone. My favorites being: “Each of the 12 stories…

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  • Short-Story Collection Available to Purchase

    My debut collection of short stories–When You Find Us We Will Be Gone–is now available to purchase on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. It also available to pre-order in the UK through the UK Amazon site.

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  • Switchback

    I have a new essay in the latest issue of Switchback. Here’s the opening of “Narravitized”: When I first started writing essays I wasn’t really writing essays. I barely knew what the term meant or what the parameters were for what I was attempting to accomplish. I was ten, though. Or perhaps eleven. I remember in…

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  • A Sky Green and Fields Blue

    I have a new story out at Hawaii Pacific Review. Here’s the opening: A Sky Green and Fields Blue At the doorway to the barracks, Shoshana saw snow fall into the darkness. Now and then the searchlights scanning the camp illuminated the flurry of white, reminding her of the soap flakes her mother used to…

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  • Story in Whiskey Island

    One of my stories–a playful reworking of the contributor note form found in literary journals–has been published in the new issue of Whiskey Island. The issue (No. 62) is available to purchase here. The journal also features the fantastic work of work of Alissa Nutting, Nate Pritts, Russ Woods, and many others. Here’s a sample:…

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  • Book Review Accepted

    A couple of years ago a journal that will remain nameless accepted my book review of Jean-Dominique Bauby’s The Diving Bell and the Butterfly. For some reason — one never explained — it was not published. A few months ago I revised and polished the review and sent it to Aunt Chloe: A Journal of Candor,…

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