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  • Literary Journals: The Midwest

    Many national literary journals are located geographically in the Midwest. Madison Review, Iowa Review, New Letters, Michigan Quarterly Review, etc., are all prominent publications that solicit beyond their local confines for a diverse, international literature. Recently, though, several journals seem to have gone the other way: narrowing their focus and giving voice to the American […]

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  • Best American Short Stories: Part Four

    A quick post on the latest volume I digested and consumed. The Best American Short Stories 1999: Standout stories: Ha Jin’s “In the Kindergarten,” Tim Gautreaux’s “The Piano Tuner,” and Junot Diaz’s “The Sun, the Moon, the Stars.” Overall, there were some strong pieces within this edition. Although, all things considered, I felt the chosen […]

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    Back in 2007, I wrote my first story set in Kansas. That story came to be known as “Fence” and was published in the 2009 Summer issue of Camas. The story has now been reprinted in the latest edition of Sleet, an online magazine that showcases the work of new and established authors. You can check out […]

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    Recently, I’ve managed to publish a few flash fictions. There’s “Dear Id” at Atticus Review, “The Temple at Avenue D” at Big Lucks’ online arm Quick Lucks, “Notes From a Fruit Dentist,” at Penguin Review, “The Sale” at RipRap, and finally “The Walk” at Rougarou. In addition, I have a full length story, “Moonbow,” in the […]

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  • Best American Short Stories: Part Three

    The first two posts charting my odyssey through thirty volumes of the Best American series can be found here and here. While reading another one of the books, I came across a recent survey by VIDA, an organization that deals with women in the arts. VIDA completed a statistical analysis of the gender discrepancies in […]

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  • Best American Short Stories: Part Two

    In my first post on the Best American Short Story series, I outlined my plan to read the last thirty editions. I’m reading the books for craft, the nuts-and-bolts of (short) storytelling, and to read some damn-good fiction. As I mentioned in my previous post, many of the magazines that submitted to the series are […]

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  • Best American Short Stories

    For the first part of this summer — before I start work at a temporary Johns Hopkins’ job — I’m reading through multiple Best American Short Story anthologies. Each volume contains twenty stories in their entirety and mentions one hundred other distinguished stories of the past year. Around three thousand published stories are whittled down […]

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  • Hip Literary Journals

    “Cooler than cool, the pinnacle of what is ‘it’.” — Urban Dictionary The realm of literary journals that may be termed “hip” was recently brought to my attention by George Bowering. George, who I presume is the one noted here, wrote about my list of best journals (see post here) were “square.” I agree that […]

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  • Best Literary Journals

    In my previous post I covered online journals, in this one I want to turn to print-based literary journals. The following discussion will disregard magazines like The New Yorker, Esquire, Playboy, Harper’s, and The Atlantic, as these are transnational and commercial magazines with high circulations. Instead, I will examine journals that often have a circulation […]

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