Reviews for When You Find Us We Will Be Gone

“The sting of Christopher Linforth’s stories lingers long after the final page. Complex and disturbing, they follow ordinary people caught up in worlds not of their own making, knowing that somewhere (and it’s always somewhere else) there is a better life—a more worthy partner, a brighter future—if only they could get there.”

—Foreword Reviews

“The stories…are at once bold but also subtle, haunting but also full of hope, spanning decades and continents.”

—The Iowa Review

“Linforth’s characters struggle with the failed promise of youth and the fear that life has somehow fallen short. Linforth’s settings are global and often unfamiliar, but the characters remind us of people we know well, even of ourselves. His lean prose and rich diction add to the palpable longing of the utterly human.”

—The Roanoke Times

“Earth may well be a global village, but it’s a community of many cultures.
And Christopher Linforth…takes readers on a world trip”

—Richmond Times-Dispatch

“Linforth’s style is smart and crafted with elegance.”

—Manhattan Mercury

“…the uneasiness Linforth is able to create in us as readers. What is great about this disquiet and discomfort is that it seems as though Linforth is trying to hold a mirror up for us to see our own human flaws, perhaps in an effort to get us to fight against them.”

—Atticus Review

“Christopher Linforth’s short stories are set in so many different locales, that you’d think he must have racked up some serious frequent flier miles while he worked on them. But you’d be wrong.”

—WVTF Public Radio

“Linforth has given us a rich array of plots, characters and settings in his first collection, and one that’s worth reading for short story lovers.”

—At the Inkwell


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